Disunion: The Final Q & A (The Opinion Pages, Opinionator, New York Times, June 10, 2015)

In April 2011, the editors of Disunion, The New York Times’s series on the Civil War, convened a panel of historians to mark the 150th anniversary of the Confederate assault on Fort Sumter and the onset of the four-year conflict. Before a sold-out audience at the Times Center in New York City, the panelists – David Blight, Ken Burns, Adam Goodheart and Jamie Malanowski – discussed the origins of the conflict, the role of slavery and the immense challenges facing a still-new president.

Four years later, with the anniversary of Appomattox behind us, The Times has reconvened the same panelists – virtually, this time – to bring the series to a close. Using questions posed by readers and Facebook fans, Disunion asked them to consider the meaning of the war, its consequences and its legacy...


Listen to the April 2011 panel: http://podcasts.nytimes.com/podcasts/2011/04/08/TTcivilwar.mp3